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Maths Learning Wall

Each week the children are taught an objective in mathematics which is broken down into the progressive stages of learning. In Year 1 and 2, the stages of learning are displayed on the maths working walls and the children use this to track their progress and independently move their learning forwards. Each week we will post pictures of the maths working walls so parents can see what the children have been learning. You might like to practice the skills for the week at home too. 

Week 2

Week 2 1
Week 2 2
Week 2 3
Week 2 4

Summer Term Week1

Summer Term Week1 1
Summer Term Week1 2
Summer Term Week1 3
Summer Term Week1 4

Learning Wall Week 10

Learning Wall Week 10 1

Learning Wall Week 7

Learning Wall Week 7 1

Learning Wall Week 6

Learning Wall Week 6 1

Learning Wall Week 5

Learning Wall Week 5 1 Week 5
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