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Reception – Little Owl

Welcome to the Little Owls class - we are Year R.

We are a caring, creative and independent class who love a challenge. We enjoy working as a team and always try our best. Our favourite things that we do as a class are welly walks, doh disco and baking.

Captain Underpants!


Captain Underpants sent a special video message to Little Owls after we read the story ‘Pirates Love Underpants’, all about the hunt for the golden underpants. He has a dilemma! The golden underpants have gone missing and he needs Little Owls to help. The children have embarked on a mission to demonstrate how grown up they’ve become in Year R to earn their Year 1 pirate license.

They will be set a number of challenges across the curriculum which will include working as a team and making independent choices in order to find the golden underpants and become part of Captain Underpants’ crew. Children will identify the skills needed to become responsible Year 1 pirates, reflect on their learning and development and earn Pirate Do Jo points when they feel they have demonstrated excellent learning.

They will celebrate each other’s successes at a pirate party at the end of the topic.

Pirates Party

Pirates Party 1
Pirates Party 2
Pirates Party 3

Home Learning - Captain Underpants!

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