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Learning to fly high

Year 1 – Snowy Owls


Welcome to the Snowy Owls class - we are Year 1.

We are a motivated group of children who just love to learn. Our projects are always so much fun and we enjoy discovering more. We are independent and use our working walls to help us with our learning. We are kind and friendly and one of our favourite things to do is our Thrive activities - they are so much fun!

Fire Fire

The Snowy Owls decided to visit a modern fire station to see for themselves how we deal with fires today compared to the time of the Great Fire of London.

Fire Fire







Whilst out exploring the playground the Snowy Owls discovered a fascinating wooden box.










They decided to take it back to the classroom to investigate.









The box contained lots of fascinating items.


Including pages from the diary of Samuel Pepys.

The children have begun asking questions, researching the answers and writing about the events that took place in 1666, The Great Fire of London. The children are working together to set up a Living Museum about the Great Fire of London using a range of mediums to present their findings. They will take on different roles during the preparation and organisation of the Living Museum – making decisions about what to include and contribute and how to present their learning in an exciting way at the outcome.

Learning Unit - Fire Fire

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