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Learning to fly high

Year 2 – Eagle Owl

Welcome to the Eagle Owls class - we are Year 2.

As the oldest class in the school, we take our responsibilities very seriously. We take it in turns to be 'Owl helpers' and show the rest of the school how to follow the Fawley Owl rules. We enjoy our fun projects and we are becoming enthusiastic and independent learners. We love reading and enjoy our music lessons too.


Super Gamers


The Eagle Owls received a very intriguing letter last week.


Year 2 we need your help…..

Here at our gaming centre we are wanting your help. We need you to create a new computer game for the Superworm story aimed at children 8 and under.


We will be back to judge the game in 5 weeks time…….Happy gaming!!!

Home Learning -Super Gamers

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